Alligator Cheesecake

by Bür Gür

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Bush 05:06
Old stale questions getting boring don't you know its natural to hate it Teacher's speech their words like knowing Don't you know its natural.  Too fast, I was denied But I'm stoked that I tried Who knows my way towards and to the other side But sure I'd hope to confide in my close ones Confide You're crazy They said, "you've got to love yourself" She said, "speak for yourself"
Shorts 03:22
I don't think that I could do it any other way  Why? Because I spoke briefly to your face but your brow frowned  in a pace that was unsettling so man I've gotta know I was changing just for health change some more just to  help us see the scheme of things ok So please, don't regret me brain mended for a reason Candid speak, lost to the ease of a passive conversation Butterface, do not try, I will not bother until you find a heart and try to treat them like your daughter But i know I'll never feel relief again That flows so fine once present are your absent heads It's hard to be like children with their burgeoning minds I find my metal bones have got me hypnotized I'm heavy every time. I am also so slow to the spot. 
Fake Song 04:31
I skate this road most everyday I know each crack along the way Walking is just too slow for me I know that much is plain to see I know you like to take your time but you've got yours and I've got mine I will eat shit eventually but you know that's ok with me I won't I won't I won't I won't On the couch with your big fat split you wanted love but you did not even try now it's over and we're getting old wasting time never felt so right Getting sued by our bitch landlord getting drunk and falling off our bikes those were go times Hey, what do you have to say? You know (you know I want you by my side) I won't be here to stay
Prometh XIV 02:43
Hard to bring so I dare you to weigh it.  I'm thinking of a shoe string just to feign it.  Just a mass, can you find, center of its meat?  Hard to bring, so I know I dare you to tell me  that I am moving towards a place.  So harbor boats upon a pier of small sticks and truth be told i have no faith it will possibly stand clear to the weight of the atmosphere humid as the water can smear  its subtle belly, jumble grams eat the fat, absorb the ham to breathe, breath, breath, breath and sneeze, sneeze, sneeze.
Onion Knight 02:50
Oh failed marriage.  Thought I got it right but  oh the parents makes you feel average.  But thats ok with me.  If you're alright with it.  Wishing I'm your dime looking for a little fix  to describe an obtuse shape  which is flexible despite my latent laces Fucking loser, and your opinion doesn't mean a thing. 
Har 01:48
What do you want to do today? I don't know "I don't know, I don't know" That's all you ever say Please go away Far away That's ok  If you want to stay
Not Gunshots 02:28
I don't care I don't care
Jogging 05:13
I'm spending time to see if it fits.  How can it fit if its a misfit?  Today I saw sequential roots  upon a fellow's way to be a lucky man  who cannot dream of handwork spends.  Spend time judging on the best of routes  to discern the corner on which the roads of future may  make there way to our present doubts.  Mulch a flower in your hand  see peddles die leave residual  color to your beige-y lines destroy to make, create again.   Fine, like crimson to your boulder face make it fine and make it strange I don't know what to say, I don't know what to do.  I don't know what to say to you but,  I love you I love you, and there's nothing you can do.
Jamzzsz 02:37
Faster footwork Farmer's fee I'll feel the fortune gathering False, the fault hurts flush with fees a vault of vagrant vanities.  But they won't stop giving me their hand me downs the younger crop still must cope with older ground headphone with a beer  on a table where i put a dollar in my pocket And I don't feel the urge to go home
Txerries 03:08
I've been told that life gets dry and that life gets old but wait and you'll see the finest fruit and the finest tea and it will pass you by it will go so fast and you won't know why just wait and you'll see the finest fruit and the finest tea I taste shards of salt I knew it then that it wasn't my fault I chase cherry leaves I want it now but the tease is neat I know
I've got my own feet they are below me they know the feeling of concrete they're well acquainted with the street and they help me move on he said to act my age so thats what I'm gonna do I saw a long boarder bomb a hill to the street that I call "Scott" I saw a inca muslim  with a baby on a cradles lap I had an apricot tasted like it had the skin of a jasmine clap up on the roof top sun lights the way to the view of the Nero tag and that's my day I'll purge like vinegar to mold like the oldest of notions stretch curves and flatten land, so we can ride on the beach cruisers he said to act my age so that's what i'm gonna do There is certain charm afforded to those who wake with a grace to the chefs who put an art to nutritious food and flavor, taste


Watch: Bür Gür "Orchard Hearse" music video
Dir: Logan Owlbeemoth (Tachyon+)


released August 19, 2014


all rights reserved



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